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AI: a powerful creative tool you should use in agency

David Winterhalder, Creative at Seventy7.
David WinterhalderDesigner

Welcome, fellow creatives and design enthusiasts! Today, we dive into the fascinating realm where artistry meets innovation, and pixels blend seamlessly with algorithms.

Join me, David, your guide through the intricate landscape of design, as we explore the untapped potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a formidable creative tool in the dynamic world of marketing agencies.

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements, the intersection of creativity and AI has become an exciting frontier for designers seeking to elevate their craft. I've had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the transformative impact that AI can have on the creative process.

So, whether you're a seasoned designer looking to embrace the cutting edge or a curious soul eager to explore the fusion of art and technology, join me on this exploration of why AI is not just a tool but a powerful ally that every creative mind in the agency landscape should consider wielding. Let's unlock the doors to a new realm of possibilities.

Create high level concept imagery within seconds

Creating evocative and impactful concept visuals as part of a pitch or campaign proposal is vital in setting the right tone for the project as well as capturing the imagination of your audience. This is an area which Midjourney absolutely shines. Due to the ambiguous, open-ended nature of conceptual imagery, the finer details aren’t necessarily key meaning your imagination can run wild. This is where Midjourney really comes into its own. It works fantastically well when you have a loose idea of what you are trying to achieve or have a very final idea of what is needed.

Midjourney allows you to create high level concept imagery within seconds. No need for photography, stock assets, mock-ups or even repro. Meaning there are no limitations in what you can produce, of course you have to consider the practicality of what you are proposing but Midjourney can really tap into you're imagination and produce something which before now would only be possible with hours and hours work from digital artist / repro team and most likely very costly stock imagery.

So to summarise, not only it can help us produce stunning visuals, it can help us save resources, time and money in doing so.

When to not use Midjourney

This is where AI can be a little divisive. You want a photo realistic image featuring people, detailed backgrounds and a realistic lifestyle setting - Midjourney can do this but may struggle getting exactly what you want. Midjourney unfortunately does struggle portraying people accurately, especially hands and faces. We would look to avoid using AI for these kinds of images.

That being said, room settings, locations and everything but people can be created in a very realistic way.

Where Midjourney thrives, similar to the concept images detailed above, is where there is more scope to be creative and less for a better phrase real. So in essence those images which were originally pure CGI builds, Midjourney could provide a cost effective alternative.

Now we would still recommend a full CGI build over Midjourney but we also understand, clients have varying budgets. And that is where it can be handy and a very useful alternative especially when considering the quick turnaround.

That being said, if we are creative product led imagery, said product will need to be computed into the image meaning additional work from our expert repro team will be needed. Again a failing of Midjourney currently is, you can not place your own product imagery within the digital composite through the software - that has to be done post creation of the image.

AI imagery created by seventy7.

The importance of references and briefs

Of course a lot of thought goes into our photography shoots and we often use reference imagery as a part of our shoot brief which is passed over to our photography team to capture exactly what we are looking to achieve in regards to location, aesthetics, tone and lighting. This can be a long process, as of course not any old image will do and we scour our resources for hours at a time sometimes finding exactly the right kind of image.

Midjourney is a fantastic tool for cutting all that time and creating images which do all of that and more. With the right prompts, a clear direction in mind and good working knowledge of cameras, lenses and shoot processes, you can create imagery which can show exactly what you are after in regards to location, aesthetics, tone and lighting.

So to summarise, not only can you achieve more accurate relevant material, you can do it in half the time, meaning lower costs to the client.

Stock Imagery vs AI?

I’ll let you in on a prediction of mine - whisper it quietly… Midjourney could make costly stock imagery a thing of the past.

Why pay for an image when you can create your own image for a fraction of the cost and get similar if not bespoke images, personalised to you. Yes of course there is a cost with Midjourney but in comparison to the well-known stock image providers it is considerably more cost effective. On a professional package with Midjourney, we don't have to worry about that image being used by anyone else, as whatever we create, we own and no one else can use, so to summarise that means you get reasonably costing images, which are bespoke to your specific requirements and that no one else can use. 

That sounds like win, win to us.

Image of istockphotos.

Now, stock image providers aren’t going to sit by and take it. Many are creating their own AI software and coupling it with their existing library in an attempt to create something that can rival Midjourney and other AI art platforms. It's still early days but what it does mean, we will have more choice and creative freedom when it comes to stock imagery one way or the other.

From conceptualization to execution, AI stands as a silent collaborator, enhancing our ability to turn imaginative ideas into visually stunning realities.

As we continue to pioneer the integration of AI in creative design, Seventy7 remains committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Our journey as an early adopter not only showcases our dedication to innovation. It also emphasises our role as a catalyst for change in the dynamic world of marketing. 

The future is now at Seventy7, where creativity meets cutting-edge technology, setting a new standard for the possibilities that AI can unlock in the world of design.

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