Question and answer time with Salford Uni students

Nothing brings Photolink to life like a Gallery full of impressionable minds. So when a group of 20 students from the University of Salford’s School of Art and Design arrived on Wednesday to find out more about the way we work, key Photolink figures sprung into a different sort of action to a deliver brief overview of the roles they play within the company.

The aim of these informal but invaluable meet-ups – with us and other creative agencies across the North West – is to give the second year students on the university’s exceptional Design Futures course a clear idea of the kind of career paths available/skillsets required in the creative industries.

Representatives from our digital, creative, social media, client services, creative research and business development teams duly gave them the low down and dealt with a number of queries before they were taken on a famous Photolink Walkabout. And, as the rule goes, if they can survive that, they’ll be ready for anything!

We’ve already hired a few of the best, battle hardened graduates over the years so we understand first hand the importance of this kind of real-world preparation. As ever, we wish them all the best of luck for the future.

Imogen Gee

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