Is it time for a Digital Detox?

With well over half of the world’s population now online and the average person spending approximately 24 hours a week on social media, is it time for a digital detox? Technology has undoubtedly brought us so many advantages in being able to connect easily across the world. But by spending too much time glued to our devices what are the downsides? Working across digital marketing and the web, the internet is especially important for us to efficiently do our job and provide clients with opportunities to share their brands online.


One of the biggest and most important disadvantages to overusing the internet is sleep. The glow from electronics is at work against getting some good quality shuteye. The light from these devices pass through the retina into a part of the hypothalamus and delays the release of the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin. For anyone that works, getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for your performance, keeping constantly on the go, in client meetings and staying in touch with emails.

Lack of productivity is also a major downside from mainly excessive phone use. Having a phone nearby whilst working has been shown to have a detrimental effect on your attention. Once your attention has been diverted it takes several seconds to be able to focus again.

Some more serious effects of too much online use include anxiety and depression. Social Media sites such as Instagram have a major effect on young people’s mental health forcing them to constantly compare themselves. Google has recently launched a new tool on its Family Link app designed to set digital ground rules for teenagers. This will allow parents to have the power to lock their teenagers accounts using google assistant. All they need to say is 'Hey Google, lock (Child’s name) device,' and teens will have a few minutes to finish what they are doing before their smartphone is turned off.


So, by taking on the ‘Digital Detox’ how will we benefit? For starters you will be so much more sociable. Having real conversations will help you to feel more connected to the people around you, and you’ll feel so much better seeing people in person rather than on their Instagram feeds.

You’ll also feel a lot happier – a survey found that one in five people feel depressed as a result of social media and that it can usually lead to anxiety and low self-esteem. We forget just how easy it is for models and celebrities to make their lives seem perfect on Instagram when in reality they’re not. Taking a break offline will increase your self-esteem.

Finally, you will re discover your creativity and become much more productive. It’s very easy to rely on google to conjure up ideas and thoughts but taking a break will help you find yourself. Also, by putting down your phone you will find getting things done so much easier. Go for a walk or a meal with your friends and soak up the atmosphere and company without being attached to your phone.


Although there are many positives to a digital detox, having constant online access can be very beneficial to certain people, so we believe it isn’t all bad. For example, elderly or isolated people can easily access important information, news and connect with family and friends who don’t live nearby.

Being online is also an alternative to things such as TV, people now watch Netflix on their phones and laptops usually because it is more convenient when they’re on the go. It’s also an alternative for shopping or ordering food to your home as the majority is now all done online.

As seventy7 works in the digital space, it is extremely important for us to have 24/7 online access. Our digital marketing team in particular need to be able to keep in contact with clients and post relevant, up to date content on their social network sites. Now the question becomes, as we advocate responsible levels of web use,  how can we target people who are online less? With focused targeting and re-strategizing, paid social and well-tailored marketing, we can help clients who rely on the online space align their social responsibility to digital users with their bottom line.

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