Our Head of Paid is championing Women in PPC

Women in PPC are an organisation striving to be the difference in the digital marketing world. Their mantra of ‘never leaving anyone behind’ has been taken on board by the sisters they recruit to serve as mentors who serve as expert guides for women taking their first steps into PPC. We’re delighted to announce that one of their latest recruits is our Head of Paid Divya Patel. 

With her seven years of experience within the digital landscape, Divya was asked to join their community in May.

Divya had to find her feet quickly in her first role immediately after leaving university. “At my first role in a digital agency, I realised that I had next to no knowledge of PPC! So this meant I had to learn on the job, I was essentially self-taught for the first three years of my career.”

Since moving over to work at seventy7 nearly three years ago, she’s found herself rapidly rising through the ranks, where she now finds herself as Head of Paid. She’s now in charge of running campaigns in Paid Search and Paid Social for a number of businesses and brands, big and small.

“For women in marketing, the road to success has been bumpy in the past, only 24% of management positions in this industry are held by women! That’s why it’s so important for me to be part of this amazing community, so I can lend my voice and experience wherever it’s needed. I think women have come a long way, and we’re starting to make inroads in the industry which is very exciting!”

Divya is hugely excited about the future of digital marketing, and implores you (yes you, the reader) to watch the latest Google Summit from May of this year. “I absolutely love keeping up with innovation in technology and how it’ll have a huge impact on digital marketing, I think we’ll see a lot more from AI and Voice Search in the next few years,” she said “It’s astounding how quickly companies like Google innovate the most basic of technologies and how they can also monetise this through digital marketing.”

But what about advice for any woman who wants to put herself forward in the world of digital marketing and PPC? “Knowledge Is Power. Put yourself forward for every opportunity that comes your way. Make sure you’re up to date with industry news, hold meetings, meet prospects, grow your network and above all, be proactive. Working in a male-dominated industry is never easy, but with the knowledge and determination to succeed, you’ll become a valuable team member in no time.”

Eve Ihasz is the co-founder of Women in PPC, she’s leading the movement from the front.

“A group of us who are members of PPC Club 83 discussed the challenges women in PPC face, and decided to take it into our own hands and create a mentorship and support network for ourselves. The whole concept was built from that seed of an idea, and we now have an amazing growing community where a very diverse group of PPCs can share their experiences, thoughts, and meet other people who will understand each other.”

If you want to make the most of Divya’s skills and utilise her unique outlook on digital for your brand, click here to read her beginners guide to PPC to find out exactly what her strategies could offer your business. 


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