John Whalley talks Photography with Womenswear Buyer

Our Group Creative Director, John Whalley, known for his sharp taste in summery frocks – or is it superb industry insight? – has made a guest appearance in this month’s Womenswear Buyer, talking about the importance of high quality fashion and ecommerce photography.

Interviewed alongside Lee Friend the pair talked about the value professional ecommerce photography adds to the fashion buying process, and how first impressions make all the difference in online retailing.

“You’ve got to come as close as you can to replicating the in-store experience online”, says John. “One bad picture can destroy any first impression, and is ultimately a reflection of your brand and store.”

They also talk about the differences between in-house and studio photography, and how a great shot can mean the difference between an empty basket and an online sale.

The interview sheds light on best practice within online fashion retailing, including many of the services that Photolink Studios do so well. And John goes on to mention the value of having a professional studio team, who know how to accessorise, and the importance of retouching to create maximum impact on the page.

“A professional studio like ours processes thousands of images every month and has years of experience. [The quality and methodology of great results] can’t be easily replicated in a back room of a store somewhere,” John adds.

You can read the full article – The Bigger Picture – in May’s ‘E-Commerce Issue’ of WWB.

Imogen Gee

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