We worked on a series of ads for Fiat India comprising photography, cgi and post production. The brief from the fantastic team at Ogilvy required us to construct environments in 3D, shoot people in the studio, renders cars and then composite them together to get the message across. Here’s how it went down.

Inspection and Service:
The key message in this visual was the attention to detail and care given by Fiat engineers and though they have this inspection bay, it wasn’t feasible to shoot this due to production issues. We worked around this by constructing the inspection bay in 3D, and rendering this along with the car. The engineers were photographed in the studio in a similar lighting scheme and then dropped in to the finished render.

One day you will do what you like. Today could be that day.
For their main ad, the visual features a young man basking in the sun on a beach with a Fiat Linea. For those of you unfamiliar with the beaches around Mumbai, they aren’t exactly clean! Working with a tight deadline, we unfortunately couldn’t go on location to shoot this, no matter how much we would have loved to get away. Using a combination of stock imagery, HDRI domes, CG cars and photography in the studio, we worked with Happy Finish to create this visual.

Advertising Photography, CGI, Post Production

We have some more images as well, and we’ll put them up as soon as they are released.

Imogen Gee

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