Five Minutes With… Charles Haworth

How do you maintain relationships with existing clients whilst trying to develop new ones? We asked our Head of Commercial for a few tips…

Charles, do you have a set strategy when dealing with clients?

There is a strategy but it varies from client to client and depends on the project and its requirements.

Building relationships, patience and an understanding of how we can help are fundamental to winning new business.

Ultimately, the best relationships grow from honesty and transparency.

Through my experience I have found that there is little point in trying to force a requirement when there isn’t a specific need.

In the early stages, as much face-to-face communication is my preferred method rather than interacting via email.

I like the client to know where and how we work and vice versa. It’s far more personal.

How do you cope with the demands of the role?

I put pressure on myself in order to achieve the best solution for all concerned.

I see myself as the bridge between the client and agency so the pressure can come from both sides as well as from myself.

Timings, budget, forecast and even the relationship side of my role can be challenging.

Meeting the above and delivering for the client is incredibly rewarding.

Is it fair to say that you have a flexible approach?

I do try to be flexible and manage my time across all of my existing clients.

A 360 degrees understanding of the group allows me to recognise what is the best way to solve the clients problems.

Internally, it’s important that part of my week is spent speaking to the staff at our various offices in order to achieve the business goals of the group.

How would you describe what you do?

I don’t think I can describe my role any better than saying it’s like untangling a huge knot.

Quite often, the bigger the knot the better the feeling when it’s out!

We listen to what the client wants and then our various departments work together to spend time untangling it.

What makes Photolink stand out?

I am fortunate to work in a place where everyone is pulling in the same direction.

This means that rather than working in a sales team I can work with our teams in Manchester, London and Mumbai to help develop and expand our client list.


Imogen Gee

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