From Mumbai to Manchester…

We’ve had the pleasure of working alongside two of our Indian colleagues this week – JJ and Sumonto from the Photolink office in Mumbai have spent the week with us at our Ardwick Green HQ, laying out their strategic vision for the Indian business.

Having been wined and dined by us at a different Manchester restaurant every night this week (the lucky devils!) we’ve had plenty of time to chat with the guys and get the lowdown on how our two cities compare…

What are the biggest differences between Manchester and Mumbai?
The roads. Traffic in Mumbai is crazy – cars are darting all over the roads and drivers are honking their horns constantly from 4am until midnight. Here, the roads are so quiet – the cars are all queued in single lines with large gaps between them. It couldn’t be more different!

How does our working culture compare with yours?
You are all so organised! In Mumbai, we thrive in chaos – it’s everything. Here, everything seems so well run and calm. It’s the exact opposite.

So there you have it – we should all stop moaning about speed bumps and instead just be grateful for the relatively quiet roads and considerate fellow motorists!

Well, it’s been great to have the guys over in the UK (despite having top-notch video conferencing facilities you still can’t beat good old face-to-face meetings sometimes!) but all good things must come to an end… have a safe journey home guys!


Imogen Gee

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