Get In Touch With Your Emotions

Research shows there are clear links between emotional skills and outstanding leadership success. Fact. It’s what global leaders in emotional intelligence and leadership programmes RocheMartin refer to as ‘Emotional Capital’, and they should know: they’ve spent the past ten years working alongside global companies to develop individuals’ emotional skills and turn them into outstanding leaders.

Do you want a team full of inspiring leaders? Talk to them.

We recently met with Executive Director Martyn Newman Ph.D., D.Psych. World-renowned expert in emotional intelligence and mindfulness, he’s spent years in leadership development and management consulting for brands such as Sky and Network Rail.

The task he set us? To create RocheMartin’s new site.

This exciting collaboration will see us help to raise awareness of emotional capital, and ultimately, create a new generation of outstanding leaders all around the world.

Ambitious, us? What do you think?

Access to this life-changing range of tools, training and programmes for the first time will also help us to develop our own talented team of employees, and build them into a force to be reckoned with.

Due to launch early 2016. Watch this space.

Imogen Gee

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