Show and Tell: Photolink

It was ‘Show and Tell’ time in our gallery on Wednesday. We’re lucky enough to have a team with a huge range of different skills so this was the perfect chance to share a better understanding of what it is we all do to make Photolink a fantastic creative hub every day.

Each department was given 10 minutes to explain to the rest of the company what they do and how they do it.

We put on a few nibbles and a selection of beverages to ease any pre-performance nerves and what followed was a fascinating and highly informative couple of hours.

Julie Abramson and Fashion Production kicked things off with an eerie video and spooky audio. Although we recognised a few of the voices we were shocked at how scary they sounded!

Studio Support, led by Julian Bertsch, brought a power point presentation along with them but we’re still none the wiser as to who does the majority of the lifting over there.

Founder and director of HT&E, John Whalley, used Lego blocks to explain how he plans to reshape, reinvigorate and if required, re-launch a brand.

Now you could say that there’s one or two photographers at our Manchester office. That didn’t put Paul Fawley and Nathan Walton off who put together a video covering everything the photography team do and all within the allocated time.

Client Services were up next and wowed the audience with a standing up, sitting down, face-to-face, all singing, all dancing video piece. You read correctly…

There was a different approach from Chris Parker though who cleverly explained the do’s and don’ts at team Repro.

Sales (or Charles Haworth) compared his role to…. Well, we’ll say no more.

Thankfully, Design stepped in and convinced us that they really are a friendly bunch (thanks to some help from Fonzie and Happy Days).

And last, but certainly not least, John MacDonald managed to make accounts sound interesting.

You’ll find more pics on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Here’s to our next ‘Show and Tell’ event.

A big thanks to Alison Jackson for organising.


Imogen Gee

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