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Seven Ways To Improve Your Product Page Conversion Rate

Charlotte Fish, SEO Manager at Seventy7.
Charlotte FishSEO Manager

Making sure your customers click at the end of the sales funnel can be tricky. You can have the most on-brand checkout page in the world, but your audience isn’t seeing it because they’re dropping off at that crucial decision-making point. You have to optimise your product page. 

Our experts know how to balance tone of voice with exceptional SEO content on product pages. It’s why we’re trusted by some of the biggest brands to help their customers click on the checkout button. 

Increasing conversions on product pages doesn’t come easy, but we’ve got seven fixes that will help you turn your bounces into sales. Don’t miss out, keep reading. 

1.       Showcase your product benefits

When somebody lands on your product page, you’ve got seconds to convince them to buy. Make sure the product benefit is clearly visible and understandable. Don't make users scroll when they don't need to, the primary objective is to get them to buy. 

2.       Clarity is key

Your customer is interested in your products, don't confuse them by introducing more products or promoting cross sells too early. This may mean investing in additional content like CGI, video, animation or imagery around the product to help convert.

3.       Optimise the ‘buy’ box

This is the most important part of your website. it needs to be clear, concise, and simple. don't overcomplicate it. This is where the entire sales funnel has been leading. Nothing can speak louder than “add to basket”!

4.       Follow the crowd

There are hundreds of ecommerce businesses, some of them are very successful. There’s a reason for this. They have a tried and tested design process for getting conversions. Research  successful brands or look at ecommerce platform templates that can be modified. Other people have done the hard work, so you don't have to… 

5.       Focus on the copy

Keep your product copy customer focused and make sure they understand the benefits. Keep it concise. Then make sure it engages with any other content on the page to tie the whole experience together.

6.       Quality, quality, quality

The content on your page needs to reflect the quality of your product. don't buy cheap! You don't expect your customers to cut corners, and you can’t either. This means investing in video, functional photography or aspirational imagery. Your product photography has to reflect your brand. 

7.       Learn to improve

Once the page is live, you haven’t finished. The skill of CRO only occurs once the page has gone live. Review the data, keep testing, and continue to optimise. This is the only way you can tell if your pages are helping your business grow.

Want to know more about converting your audience? Get in touch with our experts today, we’ll transform your site's performance.

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