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How High End Brands Can Achieve Luxury In Ecommerce Photography

Orla Doherty, Senior Copywriter at Seventy7.
Orla DohertySenior Copywriter

In an industry where brands focus heavily on campaign imagery, standing out at the final marketing touchpoint is key. Setting yourself apart from the competition just before your customer clicks ‘buy’ is the difference-maker between sales or abandoned carts. 

Luxury brands have to compete with each other more than ever online - not just on shop floors or two-page spreads - especially when many of your customers aren’t close to a physical outlet, so can’t see and sample your product. And now fast fashion brands are creating high-performance online imagery, the ecommerce market is constantly evolving. So with every brand mastering this level, how can you immediately appear as a higher quality online?

So communicating those features of your product that no-one else can master comes through first-class ecommerce photography.

High fashion means high quality everything. The logo that sets your product apart, or the hand-stitched strap on your latest accessory. Those little details that your customer expects from your brand needs to be captured and magnified across your ecommerce platforms. 

It used to be the case that art direction was paired with model and creative execution on campaigns, but no more. Your customers have come to expect a balance when they’re shopping as well. Online imagery needs to be informative, aspirational and luxurious all at once. 

Your descriptions tell your customers everything they need to know about your product, tell them again through the ecomm photos they see online. Two-thirds of your customers prefer to shop there, give them the feeling of stepping into your physical store from the comfort of their homes. 

Those customers expect luxury, and aspire to it. You need to be using every branded touchpoint to communicate your difference online. The only way to achieve campaign-standard photography for your online store is to invest in it.

What are the benefits of investing in high-quality imagery for ecommerce?

Customers rely heavily on the visual cues of brands to make purchasing decisions, and high-quality imagery can help to showcase products in the best possible way. 

Online customers can’t touch or see your products. So the quality of the images becomes even more important, not only to show the product in the best light, but also to portray your brand ethos. Poor quality or inaccurate images can lead to brand damage, customer dissatisfaction, returns, and ultimately lost sales. 

On the other hand, optimised high-quality imagery created with the audience and channel in mind has a huge number of benefits  

  • It creates a more positive shopping experience for your customers 
  • It increases the perceived value of the product 
  • It enhances the credibility and professionalism of your brand

High-quality imagery - stills or video - can also help to tell a story, highlight features, and create an emotional connection with the product and the customer. 

As well as ecomm product images, lifestyle and contextual images can also be used to enhance your brand across your social channels, helping customers to visualise how the product might fit into their own lives. 

40% of marketers state that the primary focus of their content is to drive revenue*. Therefore, it’s vital that high-quality imagery is part of that content. It’s a critical cog of any ecommerce strategy, and can help your business to attract and convert customers, enhance brand image, and ultimately increase your ROI.

seventy7 creates product imagery that excites and informs your audience, and always keeps them coming back to your brand for more. 

We work with some of the biggest luxury brands on the planet, elevating their ecomm every day. Check out our photography portfolios here, and get in touch with our specialists here.

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