Photolink hit the ground running with the Leicester Tigers

When Kitbag acquired rugby union team Leicester Tigers as a client at the end of last season we were asked – as Kitbag’s official creative partner – to create a brand new retail brand identity for the club.

The project involved coordinating player photo shoots, which went on to feature heavily in the direct mail piece (pictured above) we also produced, as well as devising concepts for the club’s in store graphics.

Due to the working relationship that exists between Kitbag and us, we were involved from the very first stage of the project; producing the presentations, pitches and supporting material that helped Kitbag win over the East Midlands’ club.

It’s always difficult to put a finger on the best bit of a job that has so many levels, but if you ask designer Kevin Wilson it’s definitely the smell of the finished product. Mmmmmm fresh print…

Imogen Gee

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