What it’s Like to Work in Post-production

However good your images, they are not complete without the finishing touches added by a great post-production team.

Apprentice Oliver joined the Photolink team in September 2015, working in post-production. Here, he tells us exactly what it’s like.

The Finishing Touch

Our job in post-production is to ensure that images are perfect before we send them out to clients. We have to ensure the model looks great, so we remove any wrinkles and blemishes from the skin, as well as tattoos and stray hairs. The clothes need to fit flatteringly too – we can amend this so that they’re the perfect fit. We can also reshape the model to make the images look more natural if needed.

We also need to make sure the clothes look perfect, as that is what the client is selling. For example, using tools such as cloning and airbrushing to remove any unwanted creases.

Another aspect of working in post-production is to ensure the colour of the product in the pictures matches the colour of the product in front of the camera. If it doesn’t, we change the hue and lightness until it does.

For still life photography, client requests can vary. Certain clients will require a white background, which isn’t always achievable with a camera. In post-production, we cut out the outline of the clothing photographed, and place it onto the correctly coloured background.

We store all images we work on, and offer a first class delivery service when it comes to file transfer. Our systems are monitored and provide instant tracking so that no images ever go astray, and are sent to clients within the time requested.

Working in post-production at Photolink is varied, and no two days are ever the same. However, our number one priority is constant: to ensure that products look good for the client, whilst remaining true to the actual product photographed.

Our post-production specialists are dedicated to providing clients with the perfect images. If you’d like help with any post-production services, just drop us a line at hello@photolink.co.uk – we’d love to speak with you.

Imogen Gee

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