Urban Bliss

Social campaigns, e-commerce photography and a shopify website all created at Seventy7 making Urban Bliss a go-to destination for trend-seeking young shoppers

Digital Marketing
Urban Bliss

Urban Bliss, a fashion-forward brand, sought to establish itself as a trendsetter in the industry. They wanted creative campaigns, digital design, ecommerce solutions, UX/CRO optimization, web design and development, influencer marketing and organic social strategy that would captivate their audience and drive engagement. They aimed to collaborate with a team that understood an ever-changing market and could deliver content tailored to their customers’ preferences.


Seventy7’s team worked closely with Urban Bliss to create high-volume photography shoots that reflected the latest trends. Collaborating with the brand’s stylists, we ensured that every image captured the ethos behind the latest collections.

We designed and developed a shopify website to showcase the brand plus all the latest collections, utilising our experience in fashion, digital and retail, we created a fantastic user experience for the Urban Bliss consumer.

To maximise performance, our digital marketing and social teams aligned closely with the brand’s objectives. By analysing customer behavior and platform preferences, we optimised each photo and video shoot to resonate with Urban Bliss’ target audience, generating measurable results and increasing brand recognition.

Our design and social teams took a proactive approach, strategising and creating captivating content that garnered attention from Urban Bliss’ core audience. With well-planned campaigns tailored to product launches and calendar events, engagement and reach continuously expanded.

Recognising the diversity of audience lifestyles, our digital marketing experts tailored content to suit their specific preferences and needs. Through targeted efforts across various online channels, we successfully reached new Urban Bliss customers and delivered content that resonated with their interests.


Through our collaborative efforts, Urban Bliss experienced a surge in brand visibility and engagement. Our trend-setting photography and campaigns resonated with their fashion-savvy audience, earning the brand more recognition and driving growth. By implementing effective organic social strategies and influencer marketing, we successfully established Urban Bliss as a prominent player in the industry.


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