Mine’s a large one, and make it snappy

In a consumer landscape where the development of almost every retail brand is enthusiastically brainstormed, methodically researched, thoroughly tested and regularly reviewed, I find myself desperately trying to imagine the thought processes and meeting scenarios that came up with this one.

Undoubtedly one of the strangest retail concepts ever, I first saw ‘The Small Alligators of Switzerland’ some years ago when passing through Brussels airport. It fascinated me then, and it continues to do so today, as I recently spotted it again in the same airport.

I am no Attenborough, but to my knowledge Alligators, small or large, are not that common in Switzerland, and my O level geographical expertise places Brussels quite firmly in Belgium.

Wouldn’t you just love to have been a fly on the wall during those brand development sessions, or even better, a spectator during the customer research sessions? Alps, Roger Federer, chocolate, yodelling, watches…alligators (small). Reverse psychology, perhaps?

You can’t knock ‘The Small Alligators of Switzerland’ for the confidence it has in its product though. The strap line of ‘Only the best!’ reminding customers that the small alligators available elsewhere are clearly of an inferior quality.

Such a pity it had closed for the day.

Anyone know of a more obscure brand?

Imogen Gee

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