The art of storytelling at the NABS Tuesday Club Talk

Last night NABS threw one of their excellent monthly Tuesday Club Talks in Manchester. Guest speaker on the evening was the founder of digital agency Poke and serial creative entrepreneur Nicolas Roope.

Through an engaging, amusing, occasionally meandering but ultimately enlightening talk, Roope reassured an audience of both established and emerging Manchester creative raconteurs that storytelling is alive and kicking in the digital era.

Roope flipped the often negative refrain (and title of his talk) ‘The same old story’ on its head with the assertion that while communications formats, tools and tactics have changed beyond recognition over the last few years – the story remains as powerful as ever. Sure, content is still king, but the story gives it a landscape to rule.

Essentially, words, facts, figures, imagery – content – needs a narrative to have any resonance with an audience. And from a strategic, creative industry perspective, simply banging on about content will begin to devalue it. The story is: create news, create entertainment, create content with added meaning. We call it Inspired Creative Content ourselves, but the sentiment is the same.

Case in point was ‘The Teens’ Speech’ campaign his team created for Bernardo’s on YouTube. Dealing with the not always easy on the ears but critical welfare issues surrounding teenagers in need of the charity’s help, they let brilliant spoken word poet Kate Tempest do the storytelling to stunning effect. So long as you channel the story from the right source, your content will carry further with greater impact.

Thanks to NABS and Mr Roope for another great piece of inspiration. We’re looking forward to next month’s as ever.

(Image courtesy of hosts Madhouse Associates)

Imogen Gee

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