Nadav Kander shoots future Olympic star at Photolink

Last week the Photolink Studios were visited by photographic royalty as internationally-renowned photographer Nadav Kander – a man who counts portraits of Barack Obama, Brad Pitt and David Lynch as highlights in an epic portfolio – spent the day shooting exclusive images for a new exhibition commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery.

The exhibition is the culmination of a three year project called Road to 2012 which is creating a lasting record of the people who are dedicating their energies to the games. This was Kander’s second commission for the exhibition; his first being a portrait of young British sprinter Jodie Williams (right).

On the day he was joined by Zoe Tomlinson, an ex-Photolinker who is now part of his production team, while Photolink fashion producer Tarnia Armitage helped arrange the smooth running of the shoot from our side.

Kander’s subject (who will have to remain a mystery until the exhibition starts in July) was shot in the Parish Rooms (Studio 5) and is another red hot tip for London 2012.

Take a look at how the project/exhibition is shaping up here and see Kander’s serene portrait of Jodie Williams in context. There’s also a very interesting interview with the man himself on YouTube which goes into great detail about the art of turning a picture into a portrait. Inspiring stuff.

Imogen Gee

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