Note to self? Discover something new!

Last week I headed over to the Note To Self Creative Consortium at Manchester’s Cornerhouse to see a couple of talks along the general theme of ‘Discovery’. Which, as a professional social media geek (that’s an official title), was immediately appealing.

Why? I’m curious and I like discovering things. I like to find new stuff and I like to share that stuff, content, pictures, music, musings with people. That’s why I got into social media in the first place. So what did I discover?

The first talk was by Tom Bradley, creative director of User Experience and Design (Children’s) at the BBC. I discovered that the lucky man thinks that ideas are easy to come by. All you need to generate them, he says, is have the following: challenge, freedom, time, support, trust and openness, playfulness and humor, conflicts, debates and risk taking.

Sounds like a good night out, if I’m honest! But seriously, it would be interesting to see exactly how the BBC implements this. The hard bit, it transpires, is choosing the right idea from the bunch and bringing it to life.

So how do you choose the right idea? Well, you start with the target audience. Know them and include them, from the beginning. Okay, this seems obvious to me, and probably you, but how many of us, in truth, actually apply this knowledge from the off?

Next up were Jake and Dan from JP74 talking about their self-discovery project where they challenged themselves to come out of their digital comfort zone and discover print. The results are stunning (image © Scott Cross).

Finally, ex Brand Republic designer David Bailey (@DavidKiosk) who now runs Kiosk, told us that that video game Wipeout 3 is an evil utopia and that perfection (An Apple store) only works when next to imperfection (insert less visionary retail brand here…) – so celebrate it! And did you know that Persian rug makers always add deliberate imperfections to the patterns so as not to annoy Allah?

So what did I discover? Get out more, participate more, and challenge thyself more, basically. Oh, and never look at a Persian rug the same way again! Great night with great people. Where’s the like button when you need one?

Rebecca Rae is our Head of Social. Tweet up with her here @BexatPhotolink

Imogen Gee

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