Our manifesto for retail success in 2012

Over the past year we have all become acutely aware of the issues affecting the economy. From supplier to buyer, no single person, company or industry across the UK & Europe has been left untouched by consumer anxiety, governmental cuts and austerity measures. And for one of the UK’s strongest industries – the retail industry – some of the toughest challenges are yet to come.

As the majority of our clients operate within the retail sector – as independent brands or international retail groups – it goes without saying that we have a vested interest in their continued prosperity. We’re in it together. But our interest in their prosperity goes far beyond that of a commercial partnership.

We are proud to be our clients’ chosen creative partner, so we feel an incredibly strong responsibility to guide them through an increasingly rocky retail landscape and keep them successful in the long term. And this shows through the work we continue to do for them.

Our Manifesto for Multi-Channel Retail Success In 2012 is an example of our on-going commitment to the success of our clients. It is also an expression of our expertise within and understanding of the retail industry. In short, it’s a thought-provoking resource for anyone interested in what a skilled creative agency can provide for retail brands of all sizes in challenging times.

The words come from the top but their creative sentiments and industry understanding are translated into every piece of work we do. They spell out the importance of original thinking in today’s fast moving retail landscape and the added value of investment in a dedicated creative partner. Take a look at our full manifesto here and talk to us if you would like to know more.

(If you would like a printed copy of our manifesto, please send your name and address to info@photolink.co.uk putting MANIFESTO in the subject line)

Imogen Gee

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