The team behind the scenes in Portugal

On weeks like this when the rain returns in earnest to remind us that we live in one of the wettest places on earth, we can do one of three things: 1) cry 2) take comfort in the fact that our green and pleasant land wouldn’t be so green without it or 3) look at pictures of people in a really hot and sunny place and dream a little.

Okay, so the team we sent over to the Algarve in Portugal this month have been working flat out (and still are) to shoot outdoor furniture and toys for the forthcoming Argos catalogue but still, it looks nice, doesn’t it? Real nice.

It also sheds a bit of sunlight on the crack team of producers, stylists, art directors, photographers and retouchers who, together, have everything shipped without a hitch, get products looking their best and make sure the images are shot and ready for approval within hours of shooting. Not everyone’s idea of a holiday then, is it?

Imogen Gee

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