Photolink Bitesize

Come with us for a look behind the scenes at Photolink. This month it’s Head Stylist Saubia Moloney and why there’s more to her role that meets the eye.

Saubia: “It’s a cliche but each day is different here and I think that’s why I enjoy it so much. 

“At the moment I’m looking after four stylists and eight juniors. Before we get going though I make sure that there is enough equipment for people, allocate jobs, arrange trial days for new stylists and then if they’re successful, train them.

“Of course there are other challenges but you face them in most jobs. There’s deadlines to be met and in order to meet them time management is important. Some clients like things turned around inside 48 hours but we always manage to do it because we have a strong team.

“Our photographers are given individual targets too and are expected to take a certain number of shots per day. They then code each individual picture so we know who is responsible for which one. 

“Throughout, we try and stick to a process and this is something we concentrate on during the training period. Ironing, styling and shooting at different angles is all part of the programme.

“We recognise that constructive criticism is beneficial because it helps us maintain the high standards we’ve set.

“So, there’s plenty to do and I haven’t even mentioned the mannequins!”


Imogen Gee

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