Photolink Bitesize

Each month we’ll focus on a member of the Photolink team and hear one of their remarkable stories.

First up is our Digital Assistant, James Docherty.

Has one of your pictures ever popped up on the other side of the world? James, over to you…

James: “I’ve always loved pictures and photography and try to experiment with different ideas whenever I can. It’s tricky when you are starting out because you want to try and do something a little different.

“Earlier this year I was speaking to a friend on Facebook who was travelling around Thailand. She sent me a few snaps of her trip and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw one of my pictures on the t-shirt of a guy in a bar she had visited. 

“I was even more shocked when she explained that hundreds of t-shirts with that image, my image, are sold regularly at the night market in Chiang Mai.

“I was delighted that my picture had received so much exposure, even though I haven’t received a penny for its popularity!

“It certainly shows how powerful images can be and how much they appeal to people around the world.

“It also means that it’s time I added it to my own collection too”

You can see more of James’ pictures here, and don’t forget to let us know if you see any more of his work on your travels.


Imogen Gee

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