Photolink hosts the NABS Music Quiz

Last week we hosted the second annual music quiz for the Northwest’s arm of National Advertising Benevolent Society (NABS). NABS is a charitable organisation that offers unbiased and confidential advice to advertising and media professionals ranging from redundancy and employment issues, to personal ones such as bereavement and long-term sickness.

Now we like supporting a good cause as much as we like a quiz, so we set the stage (special thanks to our front of house duo Adam and Alison as well as housekeeper Veronica for that!) and pulled together a team of music heads from across the company. The event itself was sponsored by Global Radio and welcomed teams representing the cream of digital and advertising agencies across Manchester. As our home city is internationally renowned for its musical output, we expected there to be some pretty healthy scores. And there were.

Unfortunately most of those scores came from competitive teams like eventual winners ‘Quiz Akebusi’ (TBWA) and ‘The Big Dish’ (BSkyB), as sadly our very own team ‘Too little, too late’ went down like a Led Zeppelin. After stumbling early on during the ‘Disney Classic Themes’ round, the team never really recovered, bless, and came a rather disappointing second-last place.

With wounds licked and nibbles hoovered out of the carpet, it’s been agreed that taking part is still the most important thing with the event raising around £2,500 for NABS initiatives across the Northwest. The organisation has already given over £50,000 of support to professionals across the Northwest this year, so this is fantastic news. Keep up the good work NABS and here’s to next year’s quiz! And a Disney boxset for Christmas, of course…

Imogen Gee

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