Photolink India gets geometric for GQ India

This block rocking piece of work has just been completed by the Photolink India team for GQ India. The men’s magazine needed a clever solution to solve the logistical difficulties it faced organising shoots with luxury items often costing thousands of pounds each. Luckily, the CGI skills of the team made their Watch Report a relatively easy challenge.

There’s more detail about how they met the brief and a nice testimonial quote from GQ India art director Dipesh Pandya on our Work page. With regards to how Photolink India came to be, well that’s another story all together…

Our Mumbai journey began in January 2007, when we were asked by one of our UK retail clients to look into creating a commercial photographic studio, big enough to deliver India’s first large-scale home shopping catalogue. By July we had a crack team together who shot over 4,000 products and creatively directed over 500 pages of the catalogue.

We’ve been there ever since and thanks to Photolink India we now operate a fluid creative catalogue design and artwork production service for our clients. The team are also based in a fully-networked photographic studio which gives them the ability shoot fashion and still life on site and makes them the perfect ally to all operations here in Manchester. Take a look at the Photolink India site here.

Imogen Gee

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