Purchases via Mobile are Continuously Increasing

Mobile and tablets now account for more than half of online sales in the UK, according to IMRG and Capgemini.

From November 2015 – January 2016, 51% of UK online sales were conducted via mobile – up 6% from the previous quarter.

When broken down further, purchases were made as follows:

  • Desktop: 49%
  • Tablet: 33%
  • Smartphone: 18%

So comparatively, desktops are still leading the way. Nevertheless, mobile is catching up – Capgemini stated that smartphone conversion rates are currently 70-80% higher when compared to 2015, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

A few years ago there were many security worries about purchasing on mobiles, but with these issues addressed, rates have increased. Nevertheless, with desktops and tablets having larger screens making it easier to purchase products, they’re still favourites amongst buyers.

In terms of what people are searching for on mobile, fashion is certainly dominating. When it comes to online shopping overall, the UK are the most frequent online shoppers in Europe, spending approximately £1,174 per person each year (this is compared to the European average of £820).

Whilst purchasing via mobile is increasing, there are still issues that brands need to consider. Buyers are becoming pickier – 63% of UK millennials stated that whilst they like using a mobile app to purchase products, 48% confessed that a poor experience would mean they were less likely to make a repeat purchase. In other words, brands need to offer an exciting and seamless experience, otherwise they may well have lost several customers.

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Imogen Gee

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