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Hot off the press our Manifesto for Multi-Channel Retail Success in 2012 is now winging its way into post trays across the UK. Part of our proactive approach to a year that was effectively written off before it started (economically speaking), we felt the time was right to provide key players within the retail industry a little food for thought.

Built around the core idea that retailers who engage, inspire and lead will come out on top in 2012 and how simple, original thinking delivered by a dedicated creative agency is one of the keys to successful retail marketing, we designed a manifesto that hopefully practises what it preaches.

Simple, original thinking led us to delivering a newspaper, because faced with a front page that implores you to ‘DO MORE THAN JUST COMPETE’, we’d defy anyone to resist a flick through.

We kept the editorial concise and to the point so a flick through is all it takes to get the message. Perfect. If you’d like to touch, smell and read the printed version of our manifesto yourself, just send your name and address to putting MANIFESTO in the subject line.

Imogen Gee

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