Redfoot Shoes rocking their new brand online

Our striking new brand identity for Redfoot Shoes is currently in full effect on As ever, it’s extremely satisfying to see our hard work and creativity doing the work it was, well, created for. It’s always nice when the client understands completely how the brand should be applied too.

We of course helped the Redfoot team along the way with a comprehensive set of brand guidelines for in store, online and in print but the rest was up to them. Luckily they didn’t waste anytime rolling out the new identity at Pure London a few months back and have confidently and correctly applied the brand online.

Even for a brand that knows a thing or two about a comfortable fit, we reckon they’ve outdone themselves.

Check out the retail presenter booklet we designed and built on their ‘we are’ page and their fantastic video look book. Let us know what you think of the whole package.

Imogen Gee

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