University of Salford fashion students present to Photolink

A week ago Friday sixty BA (Hons) Fashion students from the University of Salford were packed into the gallery and briefed by Group Creative Director John Whalley to design and create a fashion garment to promote Photolink and in-house brands Little Black Dress and HT&E to the outside world. Last Friday they came back with their work and we have to say we were taken aback by what they had to offer.

The groups presented their work, and the ideas behind them, to Photolink founder David Walter, as well as Little Black Dress editor Nathalie Gibbins, Charlie Haworth and Sophie Needham. The diversity of creative ideas the students employed in their designs was staggering and demonstrated the wealth of talent the university has enrolled on its courses. We were very impressed.

From T-shirts to knitwear, bags to dresses, the designs incorporated elements and values from each brand and took them to a whole new level, exceeding even our own high expectations.

To see for yourself the great work the students did for the project, have a look at the BA (Hons) Fashion Presentations gallery on our Flickr account.

Imogen Gee

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