Welcome to the seventy7 industry roundup, August edition. This month we scream next to a geyser thanks to M&C Saatchi, look back fondly on a fab collab, and get our Nintendo's out with Waste From Home. 

absolutely buzzing

Based out of their kitchen in Cheshire, Buzzy Bee Bakery is the brainchild of sisters Millie and Lydia. Pastry Chef Millie grew the business by selling her baked goods at artisan markets before becoming so popular people would travel from across the UK to sample her cookies, brownies and cakes. The next stage was to bring Lydia on board to use her Sales and Marketing skills, and they created an online store to fulfil all of their bakery orders and needs.

As their orders began to get bigger, it became clear that their site needed to be as simple a user experience as possible, and this is where our digital designers at seventy7 stepped in. Over a course of weeks we worked together with Mille and Lydia to build them a brand-new site through Shopify. We finalised everything from brand colours and product uploads to a customised check-out system that offers collection and delivery.

Within hours of the new site going live, Buzzy Bee had sold out of everything, and thanks to our digital team providing them with training guides and videos, they’ll be able to run the site themselves for as long as they need.

what a waste

When the world first went into lockdown, it was impossible to go on anything without seeing any references to the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons game which has since taken over all of our lives (although some of us are still hopelessly addicted to Call Of Duty: Warzone). Waste From Home’s Senior Art Director Tasmin Lobley came up with an innovative idea to show prospective interns their London office while everyone had to stay at home - by recreating it on the game. 

The true to life office has the same artwork, desks and boardroom table as their physical one, and you can even pop next door to their local pub while visiting their Island. The best part is that they’re posting real life creative briefs in their office, and whoever answers it in the most interesting way gets a 3-month (PAID) internship working with their creative team. A perfectly ingenious way to scope for new talent.

a deep dive: ellesse x anne-marie

Having been worn by famous faces as diverse as Roger Moore, Muhammad Ali and Chris Evert, ellesse is a brand that’s synonymous with mixing technical sportswear with streetwear culture. When they approached us to work on the launch of their collaboration with Anne-Marie it was no sweat for us. 

We took inspiration from Moroccan themes in the music video for her single Ciao Adios, and swapped a location shoot for an innovative studio approach. By using a mix of heavily textured flat backgrounds, bright traditional colours and playing with light and shadow elements, the finished product ensured the clothing line looked just as good on a billboard as it did on an in-store POS.

on the edge

It’s not always easy to put your trust into an insurance company, but Laka are a cycling collective that has been formed to challenge that exact preconception, and want to turn the world of insurance on its head by being a brand that people have confidence in. This is where London-based studio Ragged Edge stepped in on a rebranding mission. 

From basing their new colourway and patterns on the mud, sweat and tears normally seen on cyclists bibs to the (socially-distanced) photoshoot capturing Laka’s members in their element as part of the creation of a new brand identity, Ragged Edge clearly understand their subject matter and the whole exercise is captured magnificently here.

spotlight: zebedee 

Zebedee are a modelling agency that are the driving force behind the inclusion revolution. You’ll recognise one of their models, Ellie Gouldstein, from a recent feature in Vogue Italia. They want to challenge the fashion industry and wider society by hitting us with home truths. Current representation is so poor that disabled people are visible in only 0.06% of advertising, despite making up an estimated 20% of the world’s population. In a stunning recent collaboration with creative agency Huckbody, they told the story of seven of their models through a luxury fashion shoot, capturing beautiful images while calling for respect for their obvious talents. 


We’ve all dreamed of going to Iceland, haven’t we? A trip to the fjords, looking at geysers, maybe dabbling with some Northern Lights? But as we’ve had to adjust to a new normality where travel isn’t exactly the easiest, it’s meant that work from home life has also become difficult at times.  Here’s where M&C Saatchi step in, in partnership with Promote Iceland, they’ve come up with a way to let you let all of that pent up frustration out by screaming as loudly as you’d like, which they’ll record and release into the beautiful Icelandic landscapes. We recommend trying this around 4:30 on a Tuesday afternoon, works like a charm. 


As drinking places reopened over the last few weeks, it became imperative for people to maintain their distance while seeing their nearest and dearest. So to help keep people apart, Mother went out with their mate Stella to create The Life Artois, street art that shows people exactly where to sit. Shepard Fairey - the creator of the iconic Barack Obama ‘Hope’ poster back in 2008 - is the artist behind this project, which you can try out if you’re heading to the Truman Brewery in East London. 

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