seventy7’s top 7 news stories of the week

It’s the end of another week and there’s been no shortage of industry news to stay caught up on. So, we’re making it easy and giving you a little Friday treat with a rundown of 7 things that stood out for the seventy7 team this week. Let’s dive in.



Designer meets high street fashion with the latest collaboration between Moschino and H&M. Jeremy Scott has expressed that the partnership will allow fans to get hold of his playful designs for a much more affordable price with a range from £25 to £300. This quirky collection will feature distorted shapes and chains with logos emblazoned across everything. But it doesn’t end there! Even your dog can get the look with the ‘pet wear’ part of the collection.


Brands are being tricked by so called ‘influencers’ that are shown to have 1000’s of followers but how many of them are real? Social Chain has released a tool called ‘Like-wise’ that can determine how much of an influencer’s engagement is real. It can collect data from engagement bot farms and create a database displaying millions of fake profiles which replicate real people by liking and commenting on influencer’s posts. This will save companies from losing lots of money on posts that aren’t receiving real engagement.


Asos has become one of the first fashion retailers to apply voice technology to google assistant. Customers are now able to shop using just their voice. They can interact with ASOS’s chatbot ‘Enki’ by saying ‘Hey Google, talk to Asos’. Enki will then accompany them to shop the latest products across the different categories. With Voice technology dramatically expanding, it is important for brands to start using it now. Voice shopping in the US is expected to be worth $40bn by 2022.


An algorithm that was being tested by Amazon to be used as a recruitment tool has been scrapped due to problems with sexism. The artificial intelligence was trained on data submitted by applicants, many of which were from men. This resulted in the system teaching itself that male candidates were better. Its original job was to review job applications and give candidates a score out of 5 but it started to penalise CV’s which included the word “women”.


Clothing brand ‘Boohoo’ is doing a clothing meal deal for just £30! This includes a pair of shoes, a dress, jumpsuit or playsuit and a bag. Such a bargain. There’s lots of styles to chose from whether you want a casual look, or your looking for a new outfit for your night out.


With yesterday marking World sight day, the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust put together a multichannel campaign to raise awareness of retinoblastoma, a rare cancer that affects babies and children. They created “The uninvisible friend” which tells the story of a girl named Alice and her “uninvisible” friend dot. The campaign featured a centrepiece which was a large inflatable of the “Dot” character, installed at Old Spitalfields Market in London. It was intended to offer a visual representation of how the world may look to a child who is losing their sight to retinoblastoma.


The Beeb has teamed up with British Designer Fyodor Golan for a 5 piece streetwear collection that will range in price from £110 to £195 and will be on sale in London’s Selfridges store from the 16th October. Designer Alex Monroe has also designed a ‘Doctor Who’ jewellery collection including a replica of the 13th Doctor’s ear cuff.


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