Shooting 3D at Photolink

Even with the scant amount of daylight we get in Manchester, the Photolink Photographic team always manages to look on the bright side; capturing all kinds of products with expert photography that literally jumps off the page and screen.

So when they relocated to one of the lightest spots in Photolink HQ last week, they immediately took full advantage of the new perspective and began work on a series of 3D product images (with web and print application) for one of our clients.

Photographer Paul Fawley was rather cagey about the exact method he used to create these 3D images – as well as the forward-thinking client who requested them – but he did kindly provide this test shot of an old-school camera for the blog.

All you need to do is add a pair of red/blue 3D glasses to mix and the image will start to work its magic. Failing that, you could always raid a box of Quality Street for a Coconut eclair and a Strawberry delight and use the wrappers. Now that’s proper old school. Enjoy!

Imogen Gee

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