Songstress Abigail Wyles shines in the Photolink Studios

Last week, when the blue sky and sunshine reminded us we that didn’t live in a Tupperware box in the back of a fridge, we couldn’t make up enough excuses to mosy on over to the Photolink Studios. “Anyone need a Canon 5D? No? Okay, I’ll just check supplies aren’t melting…”

It was on one of these little errands that somebody looked up and noticed that Studio 3’s huge – normally light-loving windows – were completely blacked out. The reason? Manchester-based visual artist and designer Eleanor Marechal was in shooting the music video for singer-songwriter Abigail Wyles’ new single.

We couldn’t see much from outside but thanks to Marechal’s Twitter updates we reckon the video for Wyles’ debut release is shaping up be as atmospheric and evocative as the good lady’s vocals. Both video and single will drop on 17 June with the latter available for free download on the MTA Records website.

If you can’t wait that long to hear Abigail’s voice, listen to this ace track of hers we found on YouTube. We’ve had it on repeat for days.

All images courtesy of Eleanor Marechal

Imogen Gee

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