Design Futures students at University of Salford given second year challenge

Last week, as part of the on-going creative mentorship programme we’ve been running with the School of Art & Media at the University of Salford, we sent a delegation across the water to see how work was progressing on the ‘real world’ brief we set them back in April.

The fifth brief of its kind given to Fashion Design and Design/Brand Management students at the University since the programme began in 2011, we asked second year students on the excellent Design Futures course to demonstrate, in whatever way and with any medium they felt appropriate, the ‘value of design’.

The idea behind this particular brief was to make them think about how this value can be expressed to a client in terms of tangible impacts such as improved brand awareness, improved brand perception or uplift in sales. So the two groups of 10 were asked to work on an existing or invented brand within the automotive, food, technical or fashion sector and build their concept around that.

We made a pledge to go and see how they were getting on midway through the project as even some of us were left scratching our heads after the initial briefing session, trying to work out how exactly we would do it ourselves!

Anyway, we’ll let you know how they got on when they come back in.

Imogen Gee

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