Talking design heads

On Friday we were honoured to be hosting two academic heavyweights from opposite ends of the globe. Roy Chilvers (standing right with the Photolink flourish disappearing into his ear) Director of the Graphics & Media Division at the University of Salford came to talk about more exciting projects he wants to line up between his students and us, and brought along Jeremy Yuille a senior lecturer and co-founder of the Media & Communication Studio at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).

The conversation revolved around the most recent brand promotion project we set for students on the Fashion BA(Hons) course and the forthcoming brief we’ve organised for students on the university’s pioneering Design Futures course. These creative briefs are giving students a chance to tackle a project governed by a real client brief that comes straight from Photolink Group Creative Director John Whalley.

Talk then turned to Yuille’s work at the RMIT and his affiliation with ThinkPlus, an innovative and incredibly interesting education project overseen by the de Bono Institute (after the father of lateral thinking Edward de Bono) that is set to revolutionise the teaching of thinking in the country’s schools. We also confirmed that we’d play host to a group of his students during the summer.

All in all, a very stimulating meeting with two very interesting figures dedicated to making sure the next generation of creative thinkers and doers are better than the last. It kind of makes us wish we were back at school really. Check out Yuille’s Media & Communication Studio online here and stay tuned for the results of the next University of Salford project on our blog.

Imogen Gee

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