Grand designs and greener grass at Photolink

Compared to the famous Photolink Gallery with its pink floor, Technicolor lighting, psychedelic sofas, hand drawn flourishes and calligraphy, other spaces in Photolink hq may seem a little lacklustre in the décor department.

The Photolink Studios have an excuse of course: brilliant white on everything that doesn’t move is a bit of a photographic industry standard. So what about the rest of the place? Well, there are no set rules really…

So it was with this brief in mind that Photolink founder and interior designer in chief David Walter set about revamping our Design Studio. Eyebrows were initially raised when the Astroturf runway appeared, but once the beams were rouged, the workstations aligned and a ten-foot poodle was standing guard, it kind of worked.

Taking his lead, creative researcher Rachel Bolton set about redesigning the over sized ‘Photolink Creative Group’ lettering in reception with the cream of our 2011-12 creative output. Studio manager Anton Watson was also on hand and up ladder to plant each letter on the wall with mathematical precision.

Nobody knows how the other poodle print got there but at least it’s keeping careful watch over front of house manager Alison Jackson and all our visitors!

Imogen Gee

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