A little insider knowledge from Integrating Social

Last week our Head of Social, Rebecca Rae, was kindly invited by professional networking hub pro-manchester to talk about social media and SEO at their inaugural SME Club conference Integrating Social.

The event, which took place at The Lowry Hotel near Salford Quays, is a new initiative to help its members gain a better understanding of how online marketing can be harnessed to improve customer service and customer retention, as well as develop new business opportunities.

It was well attended by delegates from across the Greater Manchester business landscape and keynote speakers on the day included Melissa Burton, managing director of ethical confectioner Goody Good Stuff, Martin Bryant, managing editor of The Next Web and Clinton Njie, CEO of gift site ToxicFox.com.

Rebecca reports that all four delivered engaging talks about the integral role of social media in today’s consumer-driven retail landscape and imparted a number of good content ideas and practical tips on how manage your social presence.

The day ended with some refreshing back to basics advice from Jeremy Waite, head of social strategy at TBG Digital, about how any social media strategy, no matter how ambitious or carefully targeted, needs to follow the tenets of good customer service and rewarding brand experience at all times.

Perhaps nothing too earth shattering but anyone worth their salt in social, Rebecca included, will tell you how regular meets like these are invaluable to all levels of digital marketer. Why? Because the social media marketing landscape moves and evolves so quickly these days you can never rely on what you knew yesterday.

Imogen Gee

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