Top Christmas Adverts 2015

We’re finally starting to get in the festive spirit, which is a good job considering all of the Christmas adverts playing on repeat. Take a look below at the good, the bad and the bonkers of festive advertising, and decide for yourself which fills you most with Christmas cheer.

John Lewis

Let’s face it, John Lewis have been leading the way with Christmas adverts, and this year is no exception. The ‘Man on the Moon’ shows a little girl looking through her telescope to discover a lone man on the moon; before sending him a telescope of his own for Christmas. Provoking thoughts of lonely elderly relatives during this period, John Lewis really are the champions of ‘sadverts’ – see if you’re one of the many people who have been moved to tears whilst watching this.


Jumping on the back of the John Lewis advert, Aldi saw an opportunity and they took it. Mimicking the ‘Man on the Moon’, Aldi follow their usual advert style with a lookalike elderly man comparing two telescopes. The clip ends with an elderly woman flying towards him, as a Christmas present. It’s pretty clever, and Aldi will be hoping that they’ll gain more than just a few laughs out of it.

House of Fraser

The upbeat ‘You Don’t Own Me’ track by Grace (featuring G-Eazy) instantly makes you sit up and take note of this trackvert. Shunning the overly festive-cheer, prepare to see a range of quirky dance moves with a hint of festivity (think fairy lights, giant baubles and a large Christmas feast). Whilst it may not resonate with everyone, as House of Fraser put it: “your tradition, your style, your Christmas rules”. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.


The concept behind the advert is simple: to show the kindness of others. Co-op explained they didn’t want a load of gimmicks: “we believe our ad shows the real magic behind Christmas… it’s not glitz and glamour that matters, but kindness”.

Entitled ‘Ice’, the clip shows two friends preparing for a party and realising they have no ice. Following a trip to the shop, one of the men drops off a bag of shopping for an elderly man he meets along the way, who doesn’t want to leave the house as it’s too icy outside. There are an additional three 10 second clips of the man and his wife tucking into the food. Another advert playing with your emotions? Have a watch and decide for yourselves.


You’d be forgiven for not knowing who Edeka are. They’re huge in Germany: a supermarket branch, their advert has overtaken John Lewis as the most shared Christmas ad of 2015 so far, with 2.4 million shares since launch (compared to John Lewis’ 1.3 million).

This advert features the running theme of lonely elderly relatives, but with a twist: the man fakes his own death to trick his family to get together. Take a look and decide whether it’s pure genius or just a little strange.

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