We have a winner…

Well, I’m sure that you have all been biting your nails, twiddling your hair and perspiring uncontrollably. You can relax now, because the time has come to announce the winner of Photolink’s ECMOD competition. Many people wondered how on earth I would know the exact number of eyes on the circle… well, fortunately I had a couple of nights spare to individually stick each and every one of the ‘googly eyes’ on personally – so trust me, I counted.

All in all I paid Hobbycraft three visits – on consecutive nights I hasten to add – where I cleared the shelves of eyes. However, I made the fatal error of not looking down the final aisle where on the last visit, in fury, I found larger versions of the eyes – so instead of painfully placing 2593 tiny eyes on a piece of wood I could have significantly reduced the time involved by just placing a VERY big one in the centre. Never mind. Anyway, 2593 eyes was the answer to our little game…

The winner, with a guess of 2571, is Ross Morrell from Nauticalia. Congratulations to you, sir.

Thank you to all those who visited our stand at Earls Court last week and entered the competition – it was a pleasure to meet you all.

– Charlie

Imogen Gee

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