We knew who to call… The M(umbai) Team!

In 2007 a crack commando unit comprising Photolink founder David Walter and managing director Jayne Riley travelled to Mumbai on a mission to create a commercial photographic studio big enough to deliver India’s first large-scale home shopping catalogue.

The men they enlisted on the ground were led by photographer Jignesh ‘JJ’ Jhaveri and art director Sydney Vaz. The team would quickly become an indispensable extension to the UK business. Within months they had shot over 4,000 products and produced over 500 pages of the first Hypercity Argos catalogue. Photolink India was officially up and running.

Today, JJ services a number of high-profile photographic clients including Tata Motors and the Indian outpost of legendary ad agency DDB, while Sydney and production maestro Phulendra Nayak operate a seamless workflow alongside our team in Manchester, providing clients with a complete catalogue artworking and production service.

Last month we called on Sydney (image 3, right) and Phulendra (image 1), as well as artworkers Sudheesh (image 2, left) and Vineet (image 3, left), to support the Manchester team (led by Ian Butler and Mike Griffiths) on a Top Secret client mission. While we’re under orders not to divulge too many details, we can confidently say that the target to artwork 736 pages in 5 weeks is on the horizon and the Mumbai contingent’s help was, as ever, invaluable.

Notwithstanding the coldest weather so far this year and grub that didn’t quite live up to the excitement of your average Mumbaiker’s lunchbox, (They obviously didn’t make it to the Balotelli Deli round the corner…), it was a legendary effort from the guys once again.

Imogen Gee

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