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Paid media.

Ignite your strategy with Paid Media by targeting visitors at all of the stages of the marketing & sales funnel. Rather than focusing on just one tactic, we combine and optimise PPC, paid social and online display to motivate awareness, consideration, intent and ultimately drive conversions. Whether you’re looking for new visitors, testing out a product concept, building awareness or trying to drive purchase intent, we can help make your sales more efficient and strategic by combining PPC, social media and display advertising into one paid media offering.


Reaching your goals has never been easier with Paid Media. We’ll build a paid advertising strategy that helps achieve your overall business or marketing objectives. We’ll work with you to create defined channel goals, optimise a plan to reach them and deliver trackable results. We can help make your sales more efficient and strategic by combining PPC, social media and display advertising.


The best way to find and engage your customers is by advertising in the right place with the right message. Our approach allows you to do that, we target users who are primed for conversion at every stage of the funnel by showing them relevant content and ads that catch their eye. Find new customers, increase sales, and drive engagement with a targeted campaign today!


We know not everyone converts first time round. We’ll optimise your activity to drive conversions with your target audience, whether this is a softer metric like video views and impressions, or the harder metrics like sales or leads. We’ll also address any areas outside of paid advertising that can impact your performance like creative direction, copy or web performance. 

We’re experts in transforming brands online. Our Paid Media specialists know that an
effective online strategy goes way beyond the basics, so we always innovate
for our clients. Read more below.

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We're specialists in search

PPC is one of the staples of paid media and is usually a brands first go-to when it comes to increasing their online presence. We have years of PPC know-how and practical experience in getting the most from Google and Bing (don’t knock it!). Our services cover text, remarketing, shopping, and video ads to reach your customers on the most suitable and efficient platforms. We’re constantly testing and trialling new innovations in the market. Got a question? Speak to the team today!

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Disrupt the market with paid social

Do you have great content but don’t know what to do with it? We can use or steer your creative direction toand turn it into results through Paid Social. We’re highly experienced in all social channels like Meta (Instagram & Facebook), TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat. We’re specialists in tactic execution. So we’ll create effective ads that get people to stop scrolling, and take action.

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Engage your audience with video

Video is becoming more and more popular in the paid media landscape. It’s vital for generating awareness at the top of the funnel, showcasing your offering in situ and building your marketing funnel data. You’ve probably heard all the buzzwords. Buzzwords can make a simple channel sound complicated, you can rest easy knowing you’re in safe hands. There’s no one approach fits all when it comes to display and video marketing, we can work with you to discover what cost-effective tactics align with your marketing goals.


How We Do lt.

Keeping Costs Effective

Making sure your clicks make money means targeting the right people. We constantly track and improve your ads so the Cost Per Click is improving. Paid media never stands still, so neither do we. We’ll always react to how your audience behaves towards your ads, meaning your brand will always stay relevant to their needs.

With Multichannel Content

From search and shopping to display and video, our targeted PPC ads will work across the web to bring more awareness to your brand. They’ll drive sales and boost product visibility. When managed effectively by seventy7, your PPC campaign will be one of the fastest strategies to increase sales and improve brand growth.

And Measurable Growth

PPC advertising gives you an ROI you can constantly evaluate, meaning you can always see what you’re getting from your ads. Click-through rates, organic clicks, brand awareness and content amplification can and will be measured against the overall approach, meaning we can grow your brand’s channels thanks to an integrated plan.

Discover our services

seventy7 is a fully-integrated, creative agency that delivers powerful connections between our clients and their customers. We deliver results and relationships that matter, every single day. Click below to find out how our services can transform your brand through data-led strategy and emotionally-driven creative content.

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