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At Seventy7 we are still open and operating to bring our clients the highest standards they’ve come to expect from us. This means we’re doing things differently. We have taken every step to ensure we strictly adhere to all the government guidelines, which have enabled us to continue to care for our staff and to help and support our clients throughout the Covid-19 lockdown.

We are also planning and developing new ways of working with the gradual easing of the current restrictions, by creating extra capacity and extending our capabilities, while always keeping those involved in the process as safe as ever.


Our photographic team is operating in our specially adapted studios which fully adhere to all social distancing and hygiene guidelines.

That specifically means that we have 1 photographer per large studio, operating with their own equipment to avoid any cross-contamination. We are shooting still life images only for the time being, but are looking forward to resuming model photography as soon as it is safe to do so.

Where a stylist is required we are following all social distancing guidelines too. This includes the stylist approving via their own iPad in a partitioned studio to remove all close contact with the photographer. All imagery is then remotely approved by our art directors and production team before being sent to our retouch team.



Keeping in touch is paramount to all our successes right now. Our client services, creative, digital, production and retouch teams are all working remotely to ensure that our day to day operation continues to service all of our clients’ requirements. We are communicating via zoom, Microsoft teams and WhatsApp both internally with all our teams, and externally with our clients.

Zoom calls


Innovation and ideas are showing no signs of stopping, and are even increasing to help clients navigate new situations. In the last two months we have shot 1000’s of products, ranging from women’s, men’s and children’s fashion products, to sportswear, beauty and homeware products. These have been shot in both London and Manchester locations, where we’re operating a 24 to 48-hour turnaround time for final images.


Working collaboratively with our clients we’ve reacted to the Covid-19 pandemic by adapting and refining their content strategy. We have been working to reassure, assist and service their existing consumers while also targeting new audiences, by creating content which responds directly to a specific consumer’s needs.

Since lockdown began, we have helped many clients not only maintain but exceed their targets in several areas. For one client, we’ve facilitated an increase in customer traffic of 38%, an increase in online revenue of 44% and an increase in social engagement of 106%, including producing 67 emails and 119 social posts. All done remotely, to boot.



We are also proud to have helped our local community and have gladly given our services pro bono to produce a digital campaign to help fundraise for charities and voluntary organisations in Stockport. #KeepStockportCaring.



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