Farmison & Co

Savouring heritage and quality, a flavourful tale of Farmison & Co's brand transformation

Farmison & Co

Farmison & Co, an award-winning online premium heritage butchers, approached us with the initial task of creating a print brochure for their Christmas season. However, the challenge extended beyond the brochure to encompass new imagery, advertorials, digital marketing and a soft rebrand. The goal was to ensure that every communication with their consumers reflected the brand’s passion, provenance and commitment to quality.


Understanding the importance of conveying Farmison & Co’s ideals and heritage, we embarked on a comprehensive creative campaign. We crafted a new look and feel for their photography and design, coupled with a refined tone of voice in copywriting. This approach immediately communicated a sense of quality and trust to their audience. This reset portrayed Farmison & Co as an authoritative brand deserving of customer trust.

The new imagery was utilised not only in advertorials but also in print brochures sent out to Farmison & Co’s core customer base. We also extended the imagery and tone of voice to Farmison & Co’s ecommerce website, this consistent visual approach created a cohesive brand experience at every touchpoint.

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy was also implemented, taking Farmison & Co, an online-only retailer, into the right marketing space. Extensive research allowed us to target their core customers effectively. Regular email campaigns, social media advertising and PPC were seamlessly integrated into a cohesive strategy.


The collaborative process of developing creative strategy, creative campaigns, branding, design, copywriting, photography and digital marketing led to the successful communication of Farmison & Co’s passion, quality and heritage across all their channels and to all of their customers.


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