Exquisite elegance: Boodles luxury ecommerce photography and videography


Boodles, a prestigious name in the world of fine jewellery, sought to create elevated ecommerce photography, videography and post-production services that would showcase their exquisite pieces in a fresh and captivating manner. They wanted to strike a balance between relatability and aspiration, enabling customers to envisage themselves wearing Boodles jewellery every day. Our challenge was to add a new twist to traditional jewellery photography, creating imagery that communicated the delicacy, detail and refinement of their luxury pieces.


Our expert teams, consisting of stylists, photographers, videographers and post-production specialists, collaborated with Boodles to create captivating imagery.

For the model photography, we aimed to strike a balance between relatability and aspiration. By portraying the fine jewellery as pieces that can be worn and cherished every day, we enabled customers to envisage themselves owning and wearing Boodles creations. Our attention to detail and understanding of jewellery’s delicate nature ensured that the essence of each piece was beautifully conveyed through the imagery.

Capturing the feel of fine jewels required a keen eye for lighting and high-quality image capture. Our photographers and retouchers ensured that Boodles jewellery looked as luxurious and enticing online as it does in person. The lighting techniques and post-production enhancements we employed showcased the exquisite details and craftsmanship of each piece, elevating the online shopping experience.

Additionally, our stylists provided context and scale to non-model photography by incorporating familiar items. This approach allowed shoppers to appreciate the size and intricacies of the jewellery, providing them with the confidence and assurance they desired when making a purchase.


The photography, videography and post-production services seventy7 provided for Boodles successfully captured the essence of quality and elegance.

Through our collaboration, Boodles’ ecommerce photography and videography elevated their brand presence and communicated the essence of luxury to their discerning clientele.


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