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Combining the house styles of the M&S Home brand with trend knowledge to create seasonal campaigns

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Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer Home, the renowned British retailer, sought to establish an identity that seamlessly blended its rich heritage with contemporary sensibilities. They wanted creative campaigns, campaign photography and shoot production that would bring their house styles and evolving trends to life, creating a multi-channel visual identity that would endure from season to season.


Seventy7 developed the creative direction for each seasonal campaign working closely with the M&S product and marketing teams to promote the latest products and trends, our shoot production team then coordinated the location shoots and ensured that every aspect, from locations to logistics, came together to deliver outstanding photography that beautifully showcased M&S Home’s products.

Online and offline, our imagery, designs and messaging worked harmoniously to ensure brand consistency. This allowed customers to forge a strong connection with their favourite retailer season after season.


By combining creative direction, campaign photography and shoot production, Seventy7 helped Marks & Spencer Home develop a visual identity that effortlessly blended heritage with contemporary appeal. Our attention to detail and consistent brand approach resulted in a cohesive and engaging customer experience across all platforms. As a result, M&S Home established a lasting connection with their target audience, enhancing brand loyalty and driving sales.


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