Elevating white bone china ranges through creative campaign photography & videography


Wedgwood, renowned for their fine bone china dinnerware, sought to showcase two of their luxurious product lines, Intaglio and Gio, as part of their ‘Art of Food’ campaign. The goal was to convey the elegance and versatility of these ranges, emphasising their suitability for both everyday use and special occasions. Seventy7 was tasked with bringing this vision to life through a creative campaign that included photography and videography.


 Seventy7 embarked on a mission to capture the detail of the two ranges, with Intaglio featuring intricate embossed patterns and Gio offering elegant design with textured edges. To emphasise the design aesthetic food would be used to create the ‘Art of Food’ campaign, we translated the initial brief into composition and lighting reference and developing a food styling brief, creating a Michelin level menu with the emphasis on the bold use of colour.

All the culinary creations were expertly prepared in the studio and meticulously plated on set. This attention to detail was crucial to showcase the dinnerware’s exquisite craftsmanship and ensure it framed each dish perfectly. Lighting played a pivotal role, enhancing the porcelain’s pristine appearance whilst highlighting its fine details and textures.

In addition to still photography, the project also included video production. The video footage panned across the set, showcasing different pieces from the ranges and zooming in to reveal intricate details. Time-lapse techniques were employed to capture the captivating process of the food being plated.

The shoot aimed to maximise content creation, resulting in a wealth of stills and video footage. To add even more value, our Food Stylist provided valuable tips on how to plate the food to a fine dining standard. The images and videos produced were showcased on all of Wedgwood’s brand touchpoints including the website, social channels, in-store point-of-sale displays and marketing materials.


Seventy7’s creativity successfully brought Wedgwood’s white bone china ranges, Intaglio and Gio, to life, aligning them perfectly with the ‘Art of Food’ campaign. The imagery and videos captured the elegance and versatility of these ranges, appealing to a broad audience seeking luxurious yet functional dinnerware, solidifying Wedgwood’s reputation as a purveyor of timeless elegance in dining.


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