Ann Summers

Celebrating beauty and empowering diversity through campaign and ecommerce photography

Ann Summers

Ann Summers, an iconic British brand, sought to elevate their imagery and showcase the beauty of diversity in their Intimates collection. With a commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, they aimed to create a blend of luxury and real-world beauty. Our challenge was to create a campaign shoot that captured the essence of Ann Summers’ brand values and produce high-quality ecommerce photography that showcased the range whilst highlighting fit and feel.


Our team embarked on a comprehensive creative journey, encompassing concepts, art direction, styling, photography, and production. We focused on showcasing the beauty of diversity, featuring a range of models that represented a variety of body types. Through thoughtful styling and photography, we captured the natural features of each model, celebrating their unique beauty without the use of airbrushing. The resulting imagery became an unfiltered yet aspirational showcase of the breadth of beauty, aligning with Ann Summers’ brand values.

In addition to the creative campaign, we also directed our efforts towards creating social media content that would stop people from scrolling. The imagery we produced sparked conversations and encouraged shareability, engaging Ann Summers’ target audience across various social media platforms.

For the ecommerce aspect, we recognised the importance of presenting every product in a way that showcased its key details. Our ecommerce photography captured the range in a visually appealing manner, while still conveying the fit and feel of each product. This approach ensured that customers shopping online could make informed decisions and have a comprehensive understanding of the products.


The creative campaign and ecommerce photography contributed to enhancing Ann Summers’ brand image whilst also empowering diversity. By celebrating the natural beauty of their models, Ann Summers solidified their commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. The unfiltered yet aspirational imagery resonated with customers, creating a sense of relatability and authenticity.

The multichannel approach allowed the brand to engage with customers through various touchpoints, driving conversations and encouraging social media interactions. The ecommerce photography effectively showcased the range, resulting in increased customer confidence and informed purchasing decisions.

Through our collaboration, Ann Summers successfully elevated their brand image and communicated their values of accessibility and inclusivity. The campaign and ecommerce photography played a crucial role in capturing the attention of their target audience and empowered individuals to embrace their own unique beauty.


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