A virtual production journey


Belstaff, the renowned fashion retailer specialising in the ultimate all-terrain, all-weather outdoor clothing approached Seventy7 with a visionary challenge: to conduct a location shoot spanning multiple environments while avoiding the logistical, weather-related and budgetary constraints typically associated with such productions. The objective was to craft an immersive, futuristic world inspired by Icelandic landscapes to serve as the backdrop for showcasing Belstaff’s iconic products.


Seventy7 embarked on an innovative journey, blending the physical and virtual realms to create an immersive and photorealistic environment that transcended the limitations of traditional location shoots. Here’s how we did it:

  1. Virtual Content Integration: We seamlessly merged virtual content with practical set builds and projection techniques in studio.
  1. Expert Photography Meets Digital Wizardry: Our seasoned photographers leveraged their expertise to capture the essence of Belstaff’s product range within the virtual landscape. This fusion of traditional photography skills and cutting-edge digital technology resulted in striking and authentic imagery.
  1. Diverse Virtual Environments: We designed and constructed 21 virtual locations, ranging from majestic mountainscapes to breathtaking seascapes. 
  1. Collaborative Creativity: Our in-house team worked in tandem on set, blurring the lines between photography, styling and digital artistry. 
  1. Streamlined Production: Crew management, model selection, set construction, virtual content creation and the shoot itself were meticulously managed by our production and client services teams. This coordination ensured a smooth and cost-effective production process.

The blending of innovative virtual production techniques and creative expertise yielded bold results. Belstaff’s vision of an otherworldly, Icelandic-inspired environment came to life in every set. 

With production and creative teams working in perfect harmony, Belstaff received a cohesive and compelling visual narrative with content created for all their channels. The final imagery seamlessly blended the real and virtual worlds, a testament to the power of collaborative creativity.



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