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London Persona

London Persona, a luxury online retailer, faced the challenge of creating a new concept in a crowded retail market. To make a difference, the team at seventy7 invested time in understanding the brand’s vision, the goal was to align with their ambitious business plans and bring them to life. This involved redesigning and rebuilding their Magento 2 ecommerce website, curating compelling content and executing effective digital marketing strategies to penetrate the market and target the right audiences.


Working closely with the London Persona team, we planned and launched the brand to the menswear luxury market within a timeframe of two months. The focus for the Magento 2 site was to deliver an exceptional mobile experience while embodying a premium feel that extended to both the retail and experiences offerings. The result was a platform that exuded elegance and flexibility, providing a seamless user experience for customers.

Simultaneously, we strategised a comprehensive digital marketing plan to establish the London Persona website in search engines for long-term SEO growth. Paid advertising campaigns were executed through platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook Business Manager. These efforts aimed to raise brand awareness and attract the target audience to the newly launched website.


The collaborative efforts in web design and digital marketing propelled London Persona to success. The redesigned Magento 2 website offered a premium and mobile-friendly experience, aligning with the brand’s image and customer expectations. The carefully curated content showcased a diverse range of brands and experiences, appealing to the luxury menswear market. The comprehensive digital marketing strategy, including SEO and paid advertising, contributed to brand awareness and customer acquisition.

Since its launch in late 2018, London Persona has experienced remarkable growth and continues to strengthen its position in the market. The retailer regularly adds exclusive new brands and experiences to its portfolio, further enhancing its appeal and expanding its customer base.


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