Molly Brown

As the UK’s leading children’s and girls jewellery brand, Molly Brown have a unique audience that knows just what they like

Digital Marketing
Molly Brown

Molly Brown London aimed to expand their online presence, ensuring their products reached the right audience. They approached us to create chic new model imagery and collaborated with our digital marketing team to implement a comprehensive strategy across SEO, social media, and remarketing.


To address the challenge, we began by creating captivating model imagery that embodied the brand’s chic aesthetic. Simultaneously, our digital marketing team devised and executed a new strategy across multiple channels. This encompassed search engine optimisation (SEO), social media campaigns and remarketing initiatives.

By implementing a new SEO strategy, we helped Molly Brown London increase website traffic and improve their keyword rankings, making their products more discoverable by their target audience. The new photographic feel, complemented by a refined digital marketing content strategy, drove engagement and boosted return on investment (ROI). Social media and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising plans were executed to effectively reach the desired audience.

In addition to model imagery, we also created still-life photography to enhance the online shopping experience and create an immediate impact for ecommerce shoppers. The imagery was carefully optimised to ensure seamless viewing across mobile and desktop platforms.

To recapture potential customers who may have shown initial interest but not made a purchase, we developed a remarketing strategy. This involved strategic outreach programs and collaborations with bloggers, expanding brand reach and increasing conversion opportunities.


The collaborative efforts in web design, UX/CRO, web development, photography and digital marketing led to impressive results for Molly Brown London. The implementation of the new SEO strategy drove increased website traffic and improved keyword rankings, while the new digital marketing initiatives effectively engaged the target audience and delivered higher ROI. The captivating model and still-life photography enhanced the ecommerce experience and ensured a cohesive brand presentation across devices.

The remarketing strategy successfully recaptured lost potential customers and expanded the brand’s outreach through collaborations with bloggers. The comprehensive multichannel marketing plan delivered tailored messaging at each stage of the sales funnel, reducing wasted spend and resources and ultimately enhancing the Molly Brown bottom line.


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